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Are animals dieingAre any species extinctAre the fish that are affected going to become mutant fish zombies
Are the oil slicks harmful to fishing gear (boats, motors, etc)Are the rocks okayAre there any risks to pregnant women
Are you truly stupidAt what point will the CIA initiate public awareness measures to defend BP representatives during the civil suit/class action investigationsBeing that a state of insolvency has been declared, should a new Governmental administration be established to prosecute the ''domestic threat'' spurring from the Gulf Coast oil spill
Can BP afford to clean it upCan I get sick if I live in the areaCan it be stopped
Can lesbians have buttsexCan they stop itCan they use duct tape
Can you eat oilCan you fish in the closed areas if you're just doing catch and releaseChu–Han Contention
Compared to the 9/11 investigation panel, what key areas of blame are being brought forward by the Gulf Coast Leak Senatorial PanelCould it really have been the KoreansCould the Tropical Depression possibly heading towards the Gulf have a large impact
Current mitigating attemptDid Glenn Beck blame Obama for deliberately blowing up the wellDid Glenn Beck cause the Gulf Coast Oil Spill He never said he didn't
Did any oil rig workers die in the explosionDid anyone hear about the sponge that can soak up oil, and why isn't it being used by these companiesDoes anyone here get pussy at all11111!!!!!!!
Gulf Coast Oil Spill AnswersHan XinHas anyone replyed to this question
Has the celebrity interest/involvement helpedHas the oil spill caused anti-British sentiment in the U.S.Has the spill impacted the US policy on off shore drilling
Has there ever been even a minor spill in the ocean, or at least a section of waterHave there been any reports of the oil actually making people sickHave they stopped the crude
How are animals being efectedHow big is the largest plume in the Gulf Coast Oil SpillHow big is the oil spill
How can I help clean up the spillHow could we helpHow did it happen
How did the oil spill happenHow does hair helpHow does the Gulf Coast Oil Spill compare to San Francisco
How does the goverment getting blamed for thisHow does this compare to the Exxon spillHow dumb do you have to be to try and waste oil during the oil spill while you're the one cleaning it all up
How is BP trying to fix the leakHow is babby formedHow is birdlife being destrod
How is the Gulf Oil Spill affecting wildlifeHow is the government stepping inHow is the racial tension situation in the south in lieu of the oil spill and what concessions have been discussed to prevent a full scale race war in other parts of the country
How it happpendHow long are they closing part of the Gulf to commercial and sport fishingHow long has the oil been leaking
How long will the cleanup takeHow long with this spill take to clean up entirelyHow many BP oil rigs have been previously involved in disasters like this
How many animals has suffered from oil spillHow many animals have been killed by the oil spillHow many animals were affected
How many barrels of oil are leaking per day at the Gulf CoastHow many gallons have leaked into the gulfHow many gallons of oil are leaking out per day
How many gallons of oil has leakedHow many people have died in the disaster so farHow many species are estimated to go extinct
How many years will it take the Earth to clean itself from the spillHow much area does the spill coverHow much money has been allocated to the United States citizens and taxpayers for ''Environmental Reparations'' (Eco-Recovery Act- part 1) and ''Ecological Parity'' (Eco-Recovery Act- part 2)
How much of the Gulf is contaminatedHow much profit did oil companies make from raising pricesHow much will tax payers have to pay for the cleanup
How regularly was the platform checkedHow the spill affect the shrimp industryHow will the health of local communities around the gulf be impacted
How will the riser insertion tool help contain the spillHow will the spill affect areas outside of the Gulf CoastHow will the spill affect marine life
How will the spill impact the health of young children in the areaHow will they stop the flow of oilIf I want to help with the clean-up, what kind of protective equipment do I need
If a controlled burn is done, what would the effects of the smoke be to the environement and wildlifeIn a heated debate, which key Senate parties should take 100% of the blame for the ''Black Coast'' / ''Texas Tea'' incident and what actions should be mandated to prevent eco-terrorism in the futureIn assessing sociological and environmental impact, should Florida, Texas and all other Gulf States be required to pay a stipend penalty to prevent financial aid corruption
In billions of dollars, how much money is anticipated from the entire ''cleanup'' campaign and what long term revenue streams will be createdIn lieu of the Gulf oil spill; in the upcoming Gubernatorial and Senatorial elections, which party should be favored to win the pivotal States in determining the 2012 elections, the incumbent Democrats or the oil wealthy RepublicansIn measuring seismic activity; what level was the initial explosion and what trajectory was the initial blast radius
Is Mexico also helping clean up the spillIs a hurricane expected to come to the Gulf before the problem is solvedIs adding chemicals to make the oil sink really the best option for the ocean's animals
Is it overIs it possible that this oil spill is spilling out from the world's entire connected oil depositIs it safe to stay in the affected area
Is it the worst oil spill in historyIs it true Kevin Costner is now involvedIs obama doing anything
Is seafood in stores and restaurants safeIs the Oil Spill going to kill us all!Is the oil spill a boy or a girl
Is the oil spill affecting air qualityIs the water being cleanedIs there risk of more spills
Is this going to affect how much I have to pay for shrimp at Red LobsterIs this one of the many signs of the apocolypseIs this pointless
Is this site for real Or is this a depository for people who cannot do basic research and find things out through real sourcesIs this spill the result of a terrorist attackIs this spill worse then exxon valdez
Is this the largest oil spill everIs this the worst oil spill in historyIs this whole fiasco a communist plot
Its an inside jokeLiu BangOutside of blatant capitalism, what environmental benefits could be exploited from the oil spill
Period of Oil spillShould Federal inquisitions be sequestered for parties of interest that attempt to ''water down the books'' of the severity of the Gulf Coast oil spill crisisShould educators be banned from using text that mention the Gulf Coast incident
Should the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) suspend BP's drilling operations until their books are clearedShould the Gulf Coast State's colleges and universities be excised from increasing tuition during the recovery phase of the spillShould the Gulf State's Governors and Senators seek assistance from foriegn countries to investigate the cause of the incident
Should we be worried about the quality of our fishShould we blame obamaShould we boycott BP
Should we conribute to the clean-up efforts by throwing our pets into the spill I heard that fur and feathers do a good job.So you know everything about this spillSome believed it was caused by a methane bubble which triggered the explosion
Some people say the oil was spilt on purpose, is that trueThere are micro-orginisms that eat oil molecules so why dont people try to get these orginisms and make them reproduce on an epic scale and then use that to help clean up oilThis is a test question
Visio diagram of deepwater horizon oil spillWas it caused by environmental wackos like Rush Limbaugh saysWas it caused by terrorists
What's actually in the oilWhat OSHA assurances and coverage plans are being allocated to the rest of the workers on existing rigs inside and outside of the GulfWhat about the sea otters
What animals are being affectedWhat are some of the cleanup methods being usedWhat are the official responses from the US Federal Reserves, especially on interest rates for long term US Savings Bonds being sold since the incident
What are the risks to petsWhat are they doing about itWhat are they doing right now to fix the spill!
What are they doing to prevent this from happening againWhat areas are threatened by the spillWhat caused the leak in the first place
What caused the oil spillWhat companies were involved with the oil rigWhat different plans have been tried and failed thus far
What environmental organizations are involved in the clean upWhat goverment agencies monitor US oil drillingWhat have any governments of the world done to aide BP
What help is needed most, and where should donations be sentWhat inshore/coastline areas are closed and which are open to fishingWhat is 2+2
What is President Obama doing about the oil spillWhat is being done to prevent such a disaster from reacuringWhat is bp
What is the Deepwater Horizon oil spillWhat is the government doing to protect the gulfWhat is the lasting effects of the Spill on the Gulf Coast
What is the official word from President Barack Obama regarding this spillWhat is the oil going to do to the spawning seasonsWhat is this about
What is this site aboutWhat kind of coast has a golf courseWhat level of blame should be assigned to liberal politicians and environmental activists, whose activities left remote and dangerous areas like the deep sea as one of the few remaining options for a drilling area
What military or satellite intel has been collected that can be further used to investigate the origin of the spillWhat oil company is responsible for the spillWhat oil rig cuased the leak
What portion of the Federal budget was reserved for 'status investigations' have already been allocated and what fiscal directives are being manifestedWhat provisions have been made for CIA inquiry on Government corporate intelligence & industrial literacy during the Gulf Coast congressional hearingsWhat safegaurds and restraints are being introduced in the US Congress to limit possible land reserves from being included in the money rush being generated from the relief well's drilling rights agreements being drilled in the Gulf
What species are threatened by the spillWhat started itWhat substances have been introduced to the gulf of mexico from the oil leak
What type of animals were affectedWhat type of military concentrations were active in the region at or during the start of the oil rig's ''explosion''What will the financial impact be on poor fishermen
What would a 'controlled burn' doWhen did it startWhen did the leak start
When is it going to be cleanedWhen is the oil cleanup expected to be completedWhen the oil crisis is dealt with, will the oil be recycled for our use, or will it be disposed of
When will it be cleanWhen will it endWhen will it stop
When will the next clean-up beWhen will the oil hit destinWhen will they close the leak
Where can I donate to help with the clean upWhere can I find pictures of the spillWhere can you get info on the air quality in your area
Where is all the oil in the Gulf Coast Spill goingWhere is the oil spillWho's paying for the damage
Who caused damageWho created this siteWho does it affect
Who is going to pay for itWho is paying for the cleanupWho is responsable for the spill
Who is responsible for the catastropheWho is to blameWho started it
Whom is the best party to approach with an invention to stop the flowWhy Can't Aliens assist us in this horrid crisisWhy am i black
Why are the CEO's of BP being such dicks and playing the blame gameWhy can't aliens assist us in this horrid crisisWhy cant we just burn it
Why did this happenWhy did this happwnWhy don't we take the oil and push it somewhere else
Why has the US goverment passed all cleaning responsibilities to BP and not sent a task force to help with the clean upWhy haven't they been able to activate the blowout preventer, a valve at the wellhead that was supposed to stop oil flow in an emergencyWhy is oil so difficult to remove from animals
Why isn't the us doing anythingWhy not call my nephewWhy not just nuke the oil spill, as it seems a plausable solution
Why not throw a couple of sham-wows to absorb all the oilWhy soulden't we build a moatWhy they just dont order more Ships
Why weren't there protections in place against this type of accidentWhy would the well start leaking gas and oil when it had just been cemented shut some 20 hours earlier and passed testsWill Malaysia be affected too
Will any people be in danger because of the spillWill destin florida be affected by the oil spillWill haters hate
Will it harm the drinking water in Orleans and Jefferson ParishesWill it kill meWill it relate to the ohio area
Will it spread outside the gulfWill oil prices go up because of itWill oil spills cause any neat mutations in animals
Will the gulf stream be affected by itWill the oil spill bankrupt BPWill the oil spill hurt Gulf Coast tourism
Will the people responsible for the spill be prosecutedWill the spill affect inland bodies of waterWill the spill have a net positive or negative effect on local employment
Will the spill reach the Florida KeysWill the spill really reach TexasWill this lead to Obama's rumored resignation
Will this occur in the near future againXiang YuZomg wtf iz happenin! barack obama is a gay communist
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